Daily Archives: December 22, 2010

Stone Brewing Company – Double Bastard Ale (American Strong Ale)

  • 11.20% ABV
  • WTF? I have said it before and I mean it, I love Stone. All of their beers are awesome and if I haven’t wanted to stir them all with my weiner because I enjoyed them so much I at least really liked them. So when M1 brought home a Double Bastard I was giddy like a school girl (a new Stone to try makes me get all excited). The storm clouds started gathering when I read the label tho, it is an American Strong Ale which in my experience doesn’t bode well for enjoyment. Then I saw the ABV… 11.2… Really, that is pretty high. It is up in the to much goodness makes me sick altitudes. But what ever, it is a Stone and they never screw with me. At first taste I knew it was all good, this thing has a pretty balanced hop/malt ratio that while not awesome is enjoyable and to top things off it isn’t retarded on the alcohol tasting side. Sadly as I get through the glass the ABV is really starting to hit me. Hit me to the point that I cant really enjoy it. Damn it, this is probably pretty good in specific situations but I cant think of one right now because I am hammered…
  • – Dont buy