Daily Archives: December 6, 2010

New Holland Brewing Company – Envious (Fruit)

  • 7.50% ABV
  • I was kind of disappointed when I poured this because it was so dark and had a pretty sweet smell. The taste tho… oh the taste. Very strange but it is totally subtle about it. It threw me for a loop so I looked up what the hell was going on with it and it turns out that there is a lot going on. Look it up for your self to get the whole picture but it is brewed with pears (which sounds gross but it works), raspberry and a chardonnay yeast. Sounds like a train wreck right? Wrong! it is awesome.
  • + Buy again

Stillwater Artisanal Ales – Stateside Saison (Saison)

  • 6.80% ABV
  • I have a had a couple of Saison’s now and I have loved them all (Saison Du BUFF is one of my favorite beers) so it is with great sadness that I say this one isn’t very good. I like it but is no where near the same class of the other ones I have tried. I can still easily tell what it is supposed to be, Stillwater hit all of the right notes for a Farmhouse but there is a sweetness that I haven’t tasted in other ones. Not bad but I can find better.
  • – Dont buy