Monthly Archives: December 2010

Flying Fish Brewing Company – HopFish (English IPA)

  • 6.30% ABV
  • I have had a couple of English IPA’s and with the exception of one of them I haven’t really been a fan. Annndd this one continues the trend… It isnt bad at all but I can almost taste a real IPA in there trying to escape but it never really does. It is like some one turned the volume down on all of the things that make IPA’s so good.
  • – Dont buy

Stone Brewing Company – Double Bastard Ale (American Strong Ale)

  • 11.20% ABV
  • WTF? I have said it before and I mean it, I love Stone. All of their beers are awesome and if I haven’t wanted to stir them all with my weiner because I enjoyed them so much I at least really liked them. So when M1 brought home a Double Bastard I was giddy like a school girl (a new Stone to try makes me get all excited). The storm clouds started gathering when I read the label tho, it is an American Strong Ale which in my experience doesn’t bode well for enjoyment. Then I saw the ABV… 11.2… Really, that is pretty high. It is up in the to much goodness makes me sick altitudes. But what ever, it is a Stone and they never screw with me. At first taste I knew it was all good, this thing has a pretty balanced hop/malt ratio that while not awesome is enjoyable and to top things off it isn’t retarded on the alcohol tasting side. Sadly as I get through the glass the ABV is really starting to hit me. Hit me to the point that I cant really enjoy it. Damn it, this is probably pretty good in specific situations but I cant think of one right now because I am hammered…
  • – Dont buy

Brewery Ommegang – Tripel Perfection (Tripel)

  • 8.90% ABV
  • I have had this for a couple of months now and I wasnt really looking forward to trying it but there is a snow storm and M1 cant get to the store so… Looking in the bottom of the bottle there is about an inch of sediment which seems like a lot to me but what the hell do I know. It smells pretty good, kind of flowery/sweet and it has a cloudy look to it. It tastes pretty OK, for a triple I will say it is probably the best I have had. That really isnt a compliment because I have hated every triple I have ever tried. It has that sweetness but it isnt to bad. Even saying that I still dont like it.
  • – Dont buy

Tr̦egs Brewing Company РMad Elf (Belgian Strong Dark Ale)

  • 11.00% ABV
  • I have no idea how to describe the smell of this but I am going to go with festive… Only because it is a Christmas beer and like I said, I have no idea. It tastes, not horrible? I mean it is a Belgian style beer which right off the bat means it has a lot of shit to make up for. And they seemed to have resisted the urge to make it taste like a glass full of sugar, which is a good thing. On the down side I am only getting a weird malt taste out of it. Not bad but weird… I am torn, I dont really like it but it isnt terrible.
  • – Dont buy