Monthly Archives: November 2010

Carolina Beer Company – Cottonwood Endo IPA (American IPA)

  • 5.90% ABV
  • This is getting retarded. I have in my hand yet another good but not outstanding American IPA. It tastes good, it smells OK but it has no really outstanding quality to it. I like it and I will defiantly be happy to have another one… Just like the 20 others I have tried. I need to change my rating system because while I like it I wont go seeking it out. It isnt a Little Sumpin Sumpin or a Saison Du BUFF and it isnt even close to a Sorachi Ace and I need some way to signify it.
  • + Buy again

Left Hand Brewing Company – 400 Pound Monkey (English IPA)

  • 6.70% ABV
  • I know I have kind of shit on English IPA’a in the past and for the most part I think it is because I have just had bad English IPA’s. This one is completely outside the norm for the style or, like I said before the other ones I have had just sucked. Probably a little closer to an American IPA in my experience which is also probably why I like it.
  • + Buy again

Left Hand Brewing Company – Sawtooth Ale (Extra Special)

  • 5.30% ABV
  • ESB’s confuse me. Every time I try one it taste different than every other one I have had. I need to go look up whatever beer is the baseline for the style and use that for a comparison to all the others I have tried. This one in particular reminds me of a honey ale but with out the honey taste, which doesn’t make any sense but there you go. Kind of a sweet malt taste I guess. Not to bad but a little on the boring side for me.
  • – Dont buy

Clipper City Brewing Company – Heavy Seas Loose Cannon (American IPA)

  • 7.25% ABV
  • I must be in a rut because everything is starting to taste the same to me. Other than the Stone Vertical Epic I cant think of any beer that has really stood out to me in the last couple of weeks. This is pretty good but it isnt anything to write home about. It is kind of middle of the road in taste and smell. Meh… I will grab a Long Hammer over it but I wont ignore it if I see it on a shelf either.
  • + Buy again

Avery Brewing Company – Salvation (Belgian Strong Pale Ale)

  • 9.00% ABV
  • I have had to many Belgian style beers lately and it is getting on my nerves. M1 for some reason unknown to me keeps buying them and I keep telling her I don’t really like them. This isnt bad but I am sick of high ABV, to sweet beers.  I cant even finish this, not because it is horrible it just isn’t what I am trying to drink right now.
  • – Dont buy

Uinta Brewing Company – Detour Double India Pale Ale (American Double)

  • 9.50% ABV
  • I hate M1. She keeps buying me Imperials/Double’s when I tell her to stop that shit. Just to reiterate for the 1000th time, I hate Imperial’s because they are way to much. Be it and IPA with the hops or a Stout with the malts, it is all most always to much. This is along the same lines although it does have some redeeming characteristics. Unfortunately it is way to high in goodness for me coherently describe. One cool thing is that it is brewed in Utah.
  • – Dont buy

Rogue Brewery – Captain Sig’s Northwestern Ale (American Amber)

  • 6.20% ABV
  • I know it is a gimmick beer but I used to be a big fan of Sig and I am a big fan of Rogue, so what can go wrong? Turns out nothing can go wrong, this is a really good beer that just happens to be a gimmick also. It is supposed to be an American Amber but it tastes more like a pale ale to me, not so much an IPA but totally a pale ale. Not to hoppy with a good malt backend.
  • + Buy again

Stone Brewing Company – Stone 10.10.10 Vertical Epic (Belgian Strong Pale Ale)

  • 9.50% ABV
  • Holy shit Stone makes good beer. Good good beer. I saw that the Vertical was a Belgian and while that would normally make me wary I was excited to try it. Stone can make even Belgians taste good. Hell they made this one taste awesome. It is a little sweet but it has a strange flowery smell/taste to it which, surprise comes from it being brewed with chamomile flowers. I guess it also has some grapes brewed into it also, strange. Anyway, this is a great beer.
  • + Buy again

Mendocino Brewing Company – Imperial IPA (American Double)

  • 7.50% ABV
  • I was going to start off with how much I hate Imperials but I have beat that horse enough. Instead I will speak to what makes this a good beer. Number 1 would be the fact that other than its heavy IBU you cant tell it is an Imperial. Yes that is a backhanded compliment, sue me. This is actually pretty tasty. I wouldnt pick it over 5 other IPA’s but I am happy to have tried it.
  • + / – ??? I dont know

Breckenridge BBQ & Brew Pub – Lucky U IPA (American IPA)

  • 6.20% IPA
  • Damn it! I just came back from Denver and I didn’t get one of these on tap what the hell is wrong with me? I have been kind of meh.?.? on the last couple of IPA’s I have had because while they all were pretty good, they all tasted pretty much the same. This is different. More malty than most IPA’s, which is something I don’t like, Brekenridge pulls it off. Starts of malty and finishes of with hop based roundhouse to your face.
  • + Buy again.

Founders Brewing Company – Red’s Rye PA (Rye Beer)

  • 6.80% ABV
  • I have said before that I like Rye beers and I am not changing my tune. Thing is this doesn’t taste anything like the other Rye’s I have had. The PA in Red’s Rye PA should have given it away because while I am sure it is made with rye you dont really get the rye taste. You can kind of taste it in there but the Pale Ale side of it overwhelms the malts. Now I am not saying in any way this is a bad thing because this is a really good beer… but. If you want to get a feel for a rye this isnt where you want to go. Still it is really good.
  • + Buy again

Brewery Ommegang – BPA (Belgian Pale Ale)

  • 6.20% ABV
  • I haven’t had a good track record with Ommegang beers so far so I wasn’t really lookin forward to this even tho it is a Pale Ale of some sort. Like every other time I have made up my mind about a style or brewer my assumptions were wrong. I am not saying this is the best beer I have ever had but it is pretty good. It reminds me of a Sarichi Ace or maybe a Du Buff with that kind of flowery taste to it.
  • + Buy again

Brewery Ommegang – Three Philosophers (Quadruple)

  • 9.80% ABV
  • This is a mix of an ale and a cherry lambic. Which if I hadn’t read about the lambic might have gone unrecognized, I mean there was no question something strange was going on but I wouldn’t have guessed cherry. Either way it wasn’t to bad, I thought it was going to be sweet and it was, but it wasn’t to bad. I kind of liked it but the sweetness is still off putting.
  • – Dont buy again.