Daily Archives: October 31, 2010

Redhook Ale Brewery – Eisbock 28 (Eisbock)

  • 11.00% ABV
  • Well this is my first Eisbock and while I dont know anything about Eisbock’s I do know about the craptastic Isehouse beer from the 90’s. Icehouse was a horrible beer from Miller/Coors/Bud (I dont remember which one) where they made a beer, froze it and then scraped off the ice. Basically the water freezes and the alky doesn’t which leaves you with a higher ABV beer. Great idea if you are a hobo and want to drink to forget your past but it doesn’t do much for the taste, at least for the Icehouse. It kind of works here tho. Go figure, the Germans had the original idea right and Americans fucked it all up. So what it is, is a super malty, high ABV beer any hobo would be proud to drink and hop a freight liner headed to Tulsa. Good but not for me.
  • Dont buy

Avery Brewing Company – Anniversary Ale – Sixteen (Saison)

  • 7.69% ABV
  • Man do I love saison’s. For real I would divorce M1 and remarry with a saison. While this is excellent I cant help but think that if the honey was backed off a little bit it would be much better. I guess (like every other time) the sweetness kind of tuns me off. Ya, I keep trying it and I like it a first taste but there is a cloyingly sweet taste at the back end which screws the overall flavor.
  • – Dont buy (unless Du Buff is out of season)

Lagunitas Brewing Company – A Little Sumpin’ Wild (Belgian Strong Pale Ale)

  • 8.85% ABV
  • When I saw there are other Sumpin’s I got all excited. Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ is one of my favorite beers right now how luck I am that there are variations? Well I am not sure what is going on but this isnt so much a variation as a completely different beer. You can kind of taste the Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ in there but it is almost drowned in a sweet alcohol taste. It isnt terrible but it also wasn’t what I was expecting. I will stick with Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’
  • – Dont buy