Daily Archives: September 9, 2010

Thornbridge Hall Country House Brewing Company – Jaipur IPA (English IPA)

  • Highish Goodness
  • Well well well… Almost the same good ass smell as the Halcyon (the other Thornbridge look it up) but with a much better taste. So I don’t know if I am being biased,  I read the Thornbridge site and Iliked what I saw. The Germans are restricted by law from brewing anything new and exciting, the English except for a few brewers seem to be restricted by tradition. These dudes are one of the few and thank C’thullu for that because they pumped out an excellent brew. It is like an American IPA but with, what I assume is an English style, and just as good. Yes, I understand how ridiculous it is for me to imply that the English suck at making IPA’s. What ever, just because you invented something doesn’t mean Americans cant make it better.

Ok that kind of got out of hand. In conclusion… this is a good beer.

  • + Buy again

Thornbridge Hall Country House Brewing Company – Halcyon (American IPA)

  • High Goodness
  • The smell is right up there with a Sorachi Ace. The taste is a little below but oh boy… that smell. It kind of reminds me of a Little Summin Summin but not quite as good. Unlike a Little Summin Summin it seems to be missing that IPA punch, it has a very slight metallic aftertaste. I still like it but it wont be the first IPA I grab.
  • + Buy again.

Rogue Brewery – Chatoe Rogue First Growth Wet Hop Ale (American Pale Ale)

  • High Goodness
  • OREgasmic Ale? More like OREgasmic in my mouth… Its a joke son, laugh! Any way, this proves that I need to get more serious trying Rogue brews, because if half of what they make is a quarter as good as this I will be one happy camper. This is kind of light on the smell but makes up for it with the taste. I am still confused about the difference between an American Pale Ale and a IPA and this isnt helping. At first sip I called it as an American Pale but the more I drink the more I think it is a IPA. What ever it is it is good.
  • + Buy again