Monthly Archives: June 2010

Magic Hat Brewing Company – Lucky Kat (American IPA)

  • Average goodness
  • Ummm… I am all for brewers taking there own spin on traditional beer styles but that doesn’t mean you can brew and generic ale, throw in a extra hop and call it an IPA. I am not sure what Magic Hat was aiming for with this beer but they certainly missed the mark if they wanted it to be an IPA.
  • – Dont buy. (Stupid hippies)

United Breweries – Taj Mahal Premium Lager (American Adjunct Lager)

  • Low Goodness
  • Damn it… Yet another beer from another country (India) and it is an adjunct. Why? Anyway, it isnt bad and if I was eating at an Indian restaurant I would totally order one but if I was looking for somethung to sit down and enjoy this wouldnt be the first beer I would grab.
  • – Dont buy.

I am not sure what good deed I have done to deserve such a excellent karmic award but this is another Bruce beer. Thanks man!