Monthly Archives: May 2010

Sweetwater Tavern

So I just came back from Sweetwater Tavern. I generally hate going outside of my house and tonight was no different. I did have something strange happen tho… The food was great and the beer sucked.

  • Naked River (Light Lager) – Tasted like ass.
  • Great American Restaurant Pale Ale (American Pale Ale) – Tasted like ass.
  • Flying Armadillo (Porter) – Really tasted like ass.
  • Boot Hill Brown Ale (English Brown Ale) – Tasted like ass.
  • Yippee Ei O (Maibock) – Didnt completely taste like ass. Still woudnt buy it again.

New Brews Fermenting

Last night M1 and I started 2 new batches. The first is a Vienna Lager and the other is a Wheat of some sort. The Golden Lager and West Coast Pale Ale are ready this Friday so I am pretty excited.