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Love Night!!!

Today is my 18th wedding anniversary. I fucking love my wife. I love her so much that I some times want to shoot her in the face and then hide her body in the basement. After about a week or so of her body decomposing and me still loving her I would realize that the neighbors are going to start complaining about the smell, so I am going to burn the house down and move to Mexico.

Serious… I love my wife.

Any way, M1 and I went to the Dogfish Head Ale House to celebrate 18 years of love and I really had a good time. The food was good / OK, the people in there didnt make me want to kill myself and the beer was excellent. I had a Shelter Pale Ale and M1 got a Red and White. I dont have a picture of the Read and White because only douche bags bring cameras to a restaurant.

The Red and White was a strange beer (do a google search on it). At first I didnt like it but it kind of grew on me. It isnt something I could drink regularly but I am glad I tried it. I would absolutely try it again.

Now onto the Shelter Pale Ale… This is one good beer. Not to high on the IBU scale to make me sick but not to low to make you forget it is a beer.

  • ++ Buy agaim

I missed one.

Last night I had a growler of Barking Frog Ale and Iron Horse Lager. They were both pretty good… I think. I was already kind of drunk when I drank them.

I am going to try them both again. I did take a pic of the empty growlers but I didnt remember to take a pic of the actual beer… what ever…

I was wrong… Again (kind of)

I tried the 1888 again and while it is pretty good, it is not as good as the Celebrator. Defiantly worth tying if you havent had it, if you have a choice between it and a Celebrator, go for the Celebrator.

Two beers enter. One beer leaves... CELEBRATOR WINS!!!


I fucking love my wife. For real, I love my wife. She went out and got 2 growlers of Sweetwater Tavern beers. Why did she do this??? Because she is way fucking cooler than you wife/girl friend/husband/boy friend/hooker locked in the basement. Unfortunately 1 of the growlers was Naked River Lager. Not very good… But it is a local brewery that sells growlers from a store 2 miles down the road. So I will happily buy them buy the truck load if for no other reason than to keep them in business.

Any way, the beer is not good… At least to me. It is a light beer. I mean, for real it is a light beer, they brew it as a light – low calorie beer. It tastes not offensive, but it isnt good.

M1 loved this beer. I will 100% buy it again. I know I said I didnt like it, but it isnt bad. And the fact that M1 is so awesome and she likes it means I will buy it again.

I was wrong

And am I going to sound like a bitch to the 2 people I was talking to today. But fuck them because anyone with names like Ed or Doug are homo’s to start with.

I thought the Old Dominion Spring Buck was awesome. Well, it isnt. Ohhh no! I fucked up, that never happens. What ever.

I dont know what went wrong, but tonight Spring Buck taysted like a muddy asshole… Downgraded to: Dont buy.

Dogfish Head – 90 Minute IPA (IPA)

  • Extremely high goodness
  • This is a strange beer. You can kind of smell the alcohol in it but it isnt over powering. You can kind of taste it, but once again, it isnt over powering. It tastes pretty good.
  • + / – Maybe buy again? I guess buy it if you want to get hammered.

UPDATE: Ya, this is pretty good. Definitely want to try the 120 now.