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New Belgium Brewing – Shift (American Pale Lager)

  • 5.00% ABV
  • Blah… Another not so great beer and I am not surprised. I have had a couple of pale lagers and the have been pretty hit or miss. If you didnt guess, this is a miss. It is OK but it isnt something I will ever try again. You can totally tell that it is a lager, I guess the only ones of these that I have liked have kind of masked that lager taste.
  • – Dont buy


Jack’s Abby Brewing – Hoponius Union (American Pale Lager)

  • 6.70% ABV
  • Thanks again to Gartard for another Boston hook up. I need to come up with a cool nickname for my North East beer pipeline… What ever. This is another American Pale Lager but with a much more pronounced hop taste. The brewer calls it a India Pale Lager and ignoing how cleaver they think they are I can see why they named it so. It is easily the most bitter lager I have ever tasted and the crispness of the lager really complements the hops. I am digging it.
  • + Buy again


Jack’s Abby Brewing – Jabby Brau (American Pale Lager)

  • 4.50% ABV
  • Hooray for having a beer pipeline up to Boston. I finally have something that I don’t hate about people from Boston. Thanks Gary, you no “R” pronouncing halfwit! Anyway, its been a long time since I have had an American Pale Lager and I am happy I am drinking this one. The brewer is weird in that they only brew lagers. I would have thought that isn’t enough different styles to make it your only type of brewing, but what ever. This has the crispness that I love about lagers but it doesnt taste like shit. Which is odd because most lagers are shitty. If you like Miller or Coor’s then you would probably LOVE this, I know I am.
  • + Buy again


Spoetzl Brewery – Shiner Kosmos Reserve (American Pale Lager)

  • 4.98% ABV
  • So I drank this right after finishing the Shiner Alt and I am worried that the strong malts in the alt are overpowering any subtleties in this. To me it is tastes very similar to the alt without as big of a malt richness. Actually as I drink more of it there is a very slight hop bitterness in it that the alt didnt have. Very slight. I dunno I like it but I would definitely grab the alt over it.
  • + Buy again

Spoetzl Brewery – Shiner Light Blonde (American Pale Lager)

  • 4.20% ABV
  • Ya, this is a light. A really good light beer but a light beer non the less. It is still better than any of the Macro brewers but it doesnt really stand up to any craft light’s which is strange because this is really a craft. Damn it Shiner I love you why did you let me down.
  • – Dont buy again

Second try: I think I might have been a little harsh on this with my initial review. This actually isnt that bad as far as light bodied beers go (not a Lite as in macro) beer. It is good very light beer that I would try out on my Budweiser friends.

Legend Brewing Company – Legend Lager (American Pale Lager)

  • Below Average Goodness
  • Yup I am not really sure what an American Pale Lager is either but I like it. I looked it up and basically it is supposed to be an American Adjunct with out the corn or rice which, I guess, means it is a all malt Budweiser. What ever it is it isnt bad… Smells good and tastes good. I would still get a St. Georges lager over this one so I cant really recommend it isnt bad.
  • – Dont buy