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Voodoo Brewing Company – Wynona’s Big Brown Ale (American Brown Ale)

  • 7.30% ABV
  • So malt’s are a pretty big deal. Like that is all that I can taste, which isnt a bad thing I guess but isnt really my thing. Really the only other thing I can taste is the alcohol and I am not really digging that either. Damn there isnt really anything going on with this beer that I can pretend to like. I would pur it out but it isnt that bad and… Its the only beer I have. I really should have more than one beer in the house.
  • – Dont buy

Clown Shoes – Pimp (American Brown Ale)

  • 10.00% ABV
  • For a Brown Ale this is actually pretty good. It has a silky smooth taste that all Brown’s should have but so very many dont. It goes down smooth and has a very butter smooth taste that all most makes up for the the fact that this is a Brown. I dont like Brown;s but this is almost OK. I still dont like them.
  • – Dont buy (unless you like Browns)


Stone Brewing Company – TBA (American Brown Ale)

  • 7.10% ABV
  • Hooray for Stone and Bear Republic and Fat Head I guess. But mostly for Stone because once again they deliver. I have had a shit load of Stone beer and only like 2 of them have been not to my liking. Not bad just not a style I liked. This is fucking WERD!!!! Brown Ale brewed with brown sugar and molasses sounds like it should be pretty sweet right? Wrong, this is a Stone and that is reflected in the taste. It has that same Stone bitterness that I expect, I would say it is in-between their Pale Ale and IPA. But you can taste the brown sugar in it. I am so happy…
  • + Buy again


Shmaltz Brewing Company – He’Brew Messiah Bold (American Brown Ale)

  • 5.60% ABV
  • This is actually pretty good. I mean it has a really distinctive malt flavor that is pronounced without being overpowering. Sadly it is not one that I particularly care for, and I dont mean it is bad. It just isnt really the style for me. I am almost positive that this a good beer it just isnt my style.
  • – Dont buy (for me).

Terrapin Beer Company – Hop Karma (American Brown Ale)

  • 6.00% ABV
  • I love strange ass beers like this. Who would have guessed that combining a brown ale with an IPA would be a good idea? Thank god Terrapin did because this is a pretty good beer. I mean you can kind of guess what it is going to taste like but it is a little more complex than that. The malts and hops pretty much work together instead of malts in the front and hops at the end.
  • + Buy again