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Bissell Brothers Brewing – Baby Genius (American Blonde Ale)

  • 4.00% ABV
  • When I poured this I seriously thought there was something wrong with it. It is the cloudiest beer I have ever seen, it is as opaque as a stout, it just isnt dark, it is so strange. Well the can says it is a “Hoppy, Hazy Session Beer” which is kind of an understatement but they fucking aced truth in advertising. It is a blonde ale which I havent had in a while because I am not really a fan of but this is pretty good. It is crisp which I appreciate on a swampy ass hot August day. I dunno, I dont have any complaints but like I said I am not really a fan of the style.
  • – Dont buy


DC Brau Brewing Company – The Tradition (American Blonde Ale)

  • 5.00% ABV
  • I like DC Brau, they make good beer and they are local(ish). The shitty thing is that even tho they are local it is pretty hard to get any of their beers. Which makes this pretty sad, while this is a good beer it is a Blonde. I dont like Blondes, both the beer and women types. Ha! What ever it is pretty good for a Blonde… But it is a Blonde.
  • – Dont buy


Deschutes Brewery – River Ale (American Blonde Ale)

  • 4.00% ABV
  • Pretty excited! This dude at work that I don’t know very well bought me 4 different Deschutes beers for no apparent reason. No reason other than, he is awesome! Deschutes is basically impossible for me to get so yay! Anyway this is pretty good for a Blonde, which I am generally not a huge fan of. Mostly I think that Blondes are a little on the soft side as far as hops and malts go, which is fine, that is how they are supposed to taste. This one is pretty good in that it has a very nice malt smoothness to it. It isnt overpowering but it is more pronounced than most Blondes. All in all it is pretty good.
  • + Buy again


New Belgium Brewing – Somersault (American Blonde Ale)

  • 5.20% ABV
  • This is a REALLY good American Blonde. It is actually the best best American Blonde I have ever had. It is so good that I want other people to try it. And that is pretty much a flawed statement because normally I hate American Blondes, not because they are bad but they really are not my style. This is so good it surpasses the complete lack of IBU’s. Fuck I cant believe I am staking so much praise on a New Belgium beer, but they deserve it.
  • + Buy again

New Belgium Brewing – Hoptober (American Blonde Ale)

  • 6.00% ABV
  • Well that is surprising. I am not really a big fan of New Holland, not because they make bad beers but because I think they are really over hyped. Fat Tire is a average beer, nothing special and not horrible, but if I have to listen to 1 fuckwit rave about how awesome it is I am going to loose my shit. Uhhh… What ever, on to the beer. Not sure why it is called Hoptober because the IBU’s are to low for anything I would call hoppy but it is there is enough bitter in it to discount any idea of a Marzen. Ignoring everything I just said this is a pretty good beer. Kind of light for me but I can appreciate it.
  • + Buy again

Deschutes Brewery – Twilight Ale (American Blonde Ale)

  • 5.oo% ABV
  • This is the most non-American blonde ale tasting blonde ale I have ever had. This is almost a American pale ale but more of a AIPA. For real, it smells like a pine forest and tastes like a god damn grapefruit. It is a perfect light (not Miller Lite) tasting AIPA. And I dont mean a APA. This is really good and I wish it was me drinking the whole thing and not M1.
  • + Buy again