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New England Brewing Co. – 668 Neighbor of the Beast (Belgian Strong Pale Ale)

  • 9.00% ABV
  • No sir! No sir, I dont like it. It is probably a fucking awesome beer because I almost like it. Almost… It is so Belgian tasting that it is driving me batty. I taste it and it is good and then that sweetness sets in and ruins the whole experience. At least it is stupidly high in ABV, which is a good thing if you are a fucking hobo.
  • – Dont buy



Brouwerij De Ranke – De Ranke Père Noël (Belgian Strong Pale Ale)

  • 7.00% ABV
  • This has got to be the best Belgian Strong Pale Ale I have ever had and it is a Christmas ale on top of that. For one it seems like they used actual hops in it. For real bittering hops. Like Pale Ale hops. I am astounded, the Belgians finally got something right. M1 likes it too… Strange, I have to believe there is an American in their brewery.
  • + Buy again.

New Belgium Brewing – Lips Of Faith Super Cru (Belgian Strong Pale Ale)

  • 10.00% ABV
  • Huh, well just like the Fat Tire this is a OK beer. Not good but not bad, well maybe just a little more bad than good. I dont know… New Belgium is all hyped up as the best brewer ever and I dont see it. It is average but it is by no means good. M1 and D1 dont like it at all and they are generally more forgiving than I am. D1 one is almost ready to pour it out and I think I agree with him. Fuck ya, this is bad. The more I drink the less I like it. This is now the 6th beer I have pured out but… It is no where as bad as the other pour outs. It might just be the mood tonight… What ever, the end result is it is getting poured out.
  • – Dont buy again.

Avery Brewing Company – Salvation (Belgian Strong Pale Ale)

  • 9.00% ABV
  • I have had to many Belgian style beers lately and it is getting on my nerves. M1 for some reason unknown to me keeps buying them and I keep telling her I don’t really like them. This isnt bad but I am sick of high ABV, to sweet beers.  I cant even finish this, not because it is horrible it just isn’t what I am trying to drink right now.
  • – Dont buy

Stone Brewing Company – Stone 10.10.10 Vertical Epic (Belgian Strong Pale Ale)

  • 9.50% ABV
  • Holy shit Stone makes good beer. Good good beer. I saw that the Vertical was a Belgian and while that would normally make me wary I was excited to try it. Stone can make even Belgians taste good. Hell they made this one taste awesome. It is a little sweet but it has a strange flowery smell/taste to it which, surprise comes from it being brewed with chamomile flowers. I guess it also has some grapes brewed into it also, strange. Anyway, this is a great beer.
  • + Buy again

Lagunitas Brewing Company – A Little Sumpin’ Wild (Belgian Strong Pale Ale)

  • 8.85% ABV
  • When I saw there are other Sumpin’s I got all excited. Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ is one of my favorite beers right now how luck I am that there are variations? Well I am not sure what is going on but this isnt so much a variation as a completely different beer. You can kind of taste the Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ in there but it is almost drowned in a sweet alcohol taste. It isnt terrible but it also wasn’t what I was expecting. I will stick with Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’
  • – Dont buy

Brooklyn Brewery – Brooklyn Local 1 (Belgian Strong Pale Ale)

  • High Goodness
  • Brooklyn seriously makes the best beers. I have had other Belgian Pale Ales and I haven’t really liked them. The strange thing is I have no idea what the style is supposed to taste like, other than the spice (kind of allspice tasting to me) every one of them has tasted completely different than the other. Ignoring what ever a Belgian Pale Ale is supposed to taste like this is a good ass beer. The only negative thing I could say about it is that the alcohol is noticeable. Not to the point where it ruins the taste but there is no way you could miss it.
  • + Buy again