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Jack’s Abby Brewing – Numb Swagger (Rauchbier)

  • 5.80% ABV
  • Fuck. This is really good and it is another Rauchbier, which I apparently have never had before last night. What ever… This is better than the one last night. It is better than any other Rauchbier I have had. This is the best Rauchbier that I have never had. Smokieness (check), malty goodness (check) and awesomeness (check). Shit my fuck this is a really good beer. I might be kind of over the limit now… Which doesn’t diminish from how good this beer is.
  • + Buy again


Jack’s Abby Brewing – Smoke & Dagger (Rauchbier)

  • 5.80% ABV
  • I have no idea what is going on but for some reason it looks like this is the first Rauchbier I have ever had. That is complete shit, I have had them and I really like them. I dont know what the hell is going on with MachineKit, but something is wrong this isnt the first Rauchbier I have had. That being said, this isnt the best Rauchbier I have ever had. It is missing that deep smokiness that is pretty much the benchmark of the style. I dont hate it but it is basically a slightly spicier tasting Schwarzbier.
  • – Dont buy