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Brouwerij Westvleteren – Trappist Westvleteren 12 (Quad)

  • 10.20% ABV
  • Well its the BEST BEER IN THE WORLD. First off I have to thank my boss John, who went to Belgium, drove to the abbey, bought a couple of these and shipped them home. It is pretty awesome to have friends who will do shit like that for you. Thanks John, I sincerely appreciate it. Now, the beer… If anybody has ever read any of my beer reviews (nobody has), it is no secret that I hate Belgium beers. Like I would for real rather slam my junk in a drawer than drink a double or quad, it just isn’t a style I enjoy. With all that being said I gotta say this is the best quad I have ever had. It is for the most part missing that disgusting sweetness that almost all quads have. I mean it is still there, that is the style, but it isnt killing me. There is a lot going on with the taste that if I were a pretentious douche bag I would describe as, earthy, hints of stone fruit, or cherry-ish. I am not a douche so I am going to go with nothing more than it is a quad. I am not qualified to say if it is shitty or good because I dont know quads that well. All I am going to say is that this beer proves that I know some kick ass people who do kick ass things for me.
  • Buy or dont buy, I dont give a shit, just go and get some good friends.


Brewery Ommegang – Three Philosophers (Quadruple)

  • 9.80% ABV
  • This is a mix of an ale and a cherry lambic. Which if I hadn’t read about the lambic might have gone unrecognized, I mean there was no question something strange was going on but I wouldn’t have guessed cherry. Either way it wasn’t to bad, I thought it was going to be sweet and it was, but it wasn’t to bad. I kind of liked it but the sweetness is still off putting.
  • – Dont buy again.