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Vennitti – Vennitti IPA #2 (IPA)

  • ?.??
  • This is the second IPA from my brewing work dude. The first one was excellent and this one does not disappoint either. It is probably to malty to be what you traditionally would call an IPA but that doesn’t make it a any less enjoyable. Not sure what hops he used but you can tell that they are there, not like a Ruination by any means but you can tell. This actually reminds me more of a American Black Ale than an IPA because of the richer malt flavor.
  • + Cant buy it but I am going to try and get some more.

Kiuchi Brewery – Hitachino Nest Japanese Classic Ale (English India Pale Ale)

  • Highish Goodness
  • Wow that was surprising, I thought I had bought another Japanese rice beer but it turns out it is an IPA. It is pretty good… OK it is really good. It is just that I wanted a Japanese style beer not a Japanese brew of an English beer. Anyway, it isnt too bitter and it has just a touch of malt to balance. I like it.
  • + Buy again

Dogfish Head – Aprihop (IPA)

  • 7.00% ABV
  • IPA? Really??? I dont think so. This is a pretty good beer, not super bitter like other Dogfish IPA’s. I like it.
  • + Buy again.

So this is the 3rd year I have had the Aprihop and it tastes different every year. The first year I had it I hated IPA’s and now it is pretty much the only thing I drink. Honestly this is an excellent beer that I look forward to drinking.

Samuel Adams – Latitude 48 (American IPA)

Samuel Adams – Latitude 48 (American IPA)

  • Medium Goodness
  • I have already made a commitment not to buy any more IPA’s because I am not down with the bitter. I appreciate the bitters, it is what makes beer good… you have to have it. But, I am finding that IPA’s are going overboard with the concept. Just because something is good you dont have to multiply it by 10. What ever… This is a IPA that I can drink. It hits the hopps at just the right point where you can appreciate them instead of being assaulted by them.
  • + Buy again.

Stone Brewing Company – Ruination (IPA)

  • Medium Goodness
  • Crazy ass taste. Stone even claims on the label that this beer will screw with your mouth and that is a hoppy bitter bomb. And?… It is. No need to wonder if this is an IPA, it is like a super IPA. Strange thing is I like it. I dont think I could drink more than 2 in a row but I do like it.
  • + Buy again. But only if I forget what hops taste like.

RedHook – Long Hammer (IPA)

  • 6.20% ABV
  • This is one of the first IPA’s I ever had and I didnt do very good reviews back then… Not like the quality journalism I craft now!!! HA! Right??? That shit was a joke son, your supposed to laugh. Anyway, like I said, this is one of the first IPA’s I ever had and it is a pretty decent one. Nothing that is going to win a shit ton of awards but it is a pretty decent example of a IPA and by that I mean just a good ass run of the mill IPA. It does hold a special place in my heart as being my gateway into the delicious world of IBU’s
  • + Buy again