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Rogue Ales – Sriracha Hot Stout (Chile Beer)

  • 5.70% ABV
  • I wish I could put to words exactly what my balls taste like. They are magical and mysterious, wonderful to behold yet shy in nature. I am pretty sure my balls taste so good that they could cure cancer. Maybe solve world hunger? Yup, pretty sure they could do that. I wish my balls were in all peoples mouth at the same time. Yes!!! Infinite balls. My balls for all of humanity to taste and enjoy. The only problem is that as good as my balls are I cant describe how they taste… And this beer is exactly like that. It is the best beer I have had this year, no boubt, maybe the best beer in a couple of years? But I cant describe it. So good… just like my balls
  • + Buy again


Stone Brewing Company – 11.11.11 Vertical Epic (Chile Beer)

  • 9.40% ABV
  • I had some misgivings before trying this. I am not a big fan of chile beers but hey, it is a Stone. What is strange is that this doesn’t have that normal “Stone” taste to it. Normally if you give me a glass of beer I will be able to tell you from the smell – taste that it is a Stone. This one has none of those characteristics, and I don’t mean that is bad, just different. All in all I like it and for it being a chile that is saying something. And my stupid fucking cat just ran by and knocked the glass full of beer over. There goes my favourite glass and a good beer that will only be brewed once. I hate cats and I like this beer.
  • + Buy again.