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Bell’s Brewery – Kalamazoo Stout (American Stout)

  • 6.00% ABV
  • I am pretty sure that I start all of my stout reviews with “I am pretty sure I dont like stout’s but this one is OK”. For real, I think that I dont like stout’s until I am drinking them, mostly because I am an idiot. This is a KYFHO “Exception to the rule” because it is good.Like all stouts, which I think I dont like, this is really good. It is malty and pretty good. I dont know hat else to say… I am a retard? And this is a good beer.
  • + Buy again

Bell’s Brewery, Inc. – Bell’s Special Double Cream Stout (American Stout)

  • 6.10% ABV
  • I am generally not a fan of stout’s but hot damn! This thing is amazing, I for real am loving it. It is super smooth in a Barry White sense. I am pretty sure that while drinking this I should be making sweet sweet love to M1. Probably on a bear skin rug in front of a fireplace. This isnt like a normal stout, I think it is the double cream part. What ever is going on it works. This is truly an excellent stout.
  • + Buy again

New Belgium Brewing – Lips Of Faith Clutch Collabeeration (American Stout)

  • 9.50% ABV
  • Full disclosure: I fucking love Clutch. The problem here is a potential conflict of interest. I went to high school (yes I did graduate from high school) with Neal. What ever, the point is I love Clutch. I was seriously worried that New Belgium would just ride the Clutch name and put out a shit stranded beer. NOPE! This is a really good ass beer and it is a stout which in my mind counts against it. NB says it is a sour stout, which sounds like a train wreck that already happened but it works. The sour isnt at a Lambic level but I can taste it in there, just enough to make the stout side enjoyable. It probably wont be brewed again so get it while you can.
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